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PowerDNS-Admin Update

Stop service.

systemctl stop uwsgi@powerdns-admin.service

Change to the PowerDNS-Admin parent directory.

cd /opt/python/

Create a backup.

cp -rp powerdns-admin{,.$(date --iso-8601)}

Change to the PowerDNS-Admin directory.

cd powerdns-admin

Activate the Python virtual environment.

. venv/bin/activate

Change to the app directory.

cd app

Get the latest update.

sudo -u www-data git pull --rebase

Update pip.

pip install -U pip

Update python modules.

pip install -Ur requirements.txt

Rebuild JavaScript components.

yarn install --pure-lockfile

Update Flask components and database.

export FLASK_CONF=/opt/python/powerdns-admin/app/configs/
export FLASK_APP=powerdnsadmin/
flask assets build
flask db upgrade

Correct permissions.

chown -R www-data:www-data /opt/python/powerdns-admin/

Start service.

systemctl start uwsgi@powerdns-admin.service

In case the website isn't working, try to clear the cache/cookies and perform a fresh login.

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