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AIDE (Advanced Intrusion Detection Environment)



File Name Description
/usr/bin/aide AIDE binary. Shouldn't be called directly if AIDE debian package is used. It will result in the following error: Couldn't open file /var/lib/aide/please-dont-call-aide-without-parameters/aide.db for reading.
/usr/bin/aide-attributes Translate hex messages from aide check to human readable information.
/usr/bin/aide.wrapper A shell script which should be called instead of /usr/bin/aide. It guarantees that just one instance of aide is running at the same time. It will also take care of debian aide config structure (aide.conf.d).
/usr/sbin/aideinit Shell script to initialize an aide database to /var/lib/aide/
/usr/sbin/update-aide.conf Bash script to generate /var/lib/aide/aide.conf.autogenerated from the config file /etc/aide/aide.conf and all files in the sub directory /etc/aide/aide.conf.d/. It is invoked by aide.wrapper.
/etc/default/aide Settings to control aide executions. Can be used to set mail address, subject and other things.
/etc/cron.daily/aide Shell script for cron. It invokes update-aide.conf. An aide check is executed. The detected differences are mailed to root or to the $MAILTO address.
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